The following information was current at the time of publication but is subject to change. If you require current details please contact the Secretary:

Personal Accident Insurance

This document summarises the main features of the Personal Accident Insurance Scheme, arranged by the Scout Association, as it applies to members of the Thames Scout Cruising Club (TSCC). It is not a policy document and there is no implication that the cover provided is adequate for the financial needs of individual members. Therefore the Scheme should be viewed as additional to and not replacing any personal arrangement made or required by individual members.

Members are only covered for an accident which arises whilst travelling to, participating in or travelling home from any authorised Thames Scout Cruising Club Activity.

Benefits are payable if a member sustains bodily injury as a result of an accident which results in permanent injury or death. In addition to this, benefits are also provided if a member sustains temporary disability as a result of an accident or illness contracted and diagnosed whilst staying away from home at any organised camp.

Cover is also provided for medical expenses as a result of an accident and for up to two relatives or friends who, on medical advice, are required to travel to and remain with the member if hospitalised away from home.

The main Exclusions from the scheme are Suicide and self inflicted injury, Loss of earnings, Loss/Damage to Personal Effects (including spectacles).

The Scheme benefits are available for all members up to and including 70 years of age,

For those over the age of 70 the benefits have been modified and are restricted to:-

  • Accidental Death: £20,000
  • Physical severance of a limb: £20,000
  • Loss of sight in one or both eyes: £20,000
  • Hospitalisation as an in-patient as the consequence of an accident: £10 per day (max 365 days)

Separate Travel Insurance should be arranged for travel overseas.


Notifying Accidents: Any accident, illness or death which occurs during a Thames Scout Cruising Club activity (or on the way to and from such activity) where a Doctor, Dentist, Hospital or Emergency Service is involved, must be notified within seven days to:

Unity Insurance Services, Lancing Business Park, Lancing, West Sussex BN15 8UG Tel: 0845 0945 703 FAX: (01903) 751044

or e-mail  

whether or not there is likely to be a claim under the insurance.

The Honorary Treasurer of the Thames Scout Cruising Club must also be informed as soon as possible

Schedule of principle benefits

Benefits ProvidedMember aged 18 – 70 years
Accidental Death£20,000
Permanent Total Disability£20,000
Loss of sight in both eyes, total loss of speech or total loss of hearing in both ears£20,000
Loss of one or more limbs£20,000
Loss of sight in one eye£20,000
Total loss of hearing in one ear£4,000
Amputation or total loss of use of:
A foot below the ankle (talo fibular joint)£10,000
a forefinger or big toe£3,000
any other finger£2,000
any other toe£800
Total loss of use of:
the back or spine below the neck with no damage to the spinal cord£8,000
the neck or cervical spine with no 
damage to the spinal cord
the shoulder, elbow or wrist£5,000
the hip, knee or ankle£4,000

The above amounts are the maximum benefits payable to each category. Percentages of such benefits are payable according to the degree of disability such as loss of a leg below the knee etc.

In the event of more than one form of Permanent Disability the total amount payable is limited to 100% of the sum insured i.e.: £20,000

For permanent disability not listed above, the benefit will be based on a medical assessment of how bad the disability is in relation to the scale and not in relation to the Insured Person’s ability to work.


  1. The total payment as the result of disabilities arising from one accident shall not exceed £20,000.
  2. If benefits are payable for loss of use of a whole limb then compensation for parts of that limb cannot also be claimed

Temporary Total Disablement accident & illness

In full time gainful employment – £100 per week or weekly wage whichever is the lesser. Excess – £150

(Not payable for first 2 weeks).

Not in full-time gainful employment – £20 per week. Excess – £100

Maximum number of payable weeks – Injury 104 Sickness 52

Medical and Travel Expenses

Medical expenses arising as the result of an accident are provided up to £10000. Travel and accommodation expenses are provided for two relatives up to £400, accommodation is limited to £75 per night, with the use of private vehicles being reimbursed at 20 pence per mile.

Medical expenses as a result of an injury or sickness arising during an activity involving domicile away from home (including travel thereto and there from) Maximum per incident – UK £10,000

Surgical Removal of Clothing

Cover is provided up to £100 for damage to clothing necessitating surgical removal or being stained by blood beyond reasonable recovery.

Hospital Cash

Amount per day of Hospitalisation – £10 (max 365 days)