Grants – Financial Support for Scouts & Guides

TSCC is always looking for Scouting and Guiding projects which need financial support.

If your local Group is in need of funds for specific projects ask them to write a letter to our Secretary giving full details. (Honorary Secretary TSCC email: ).

Our Committee will be pleased to consider all requests.

Most recent grants awarded:

March 2018Ajax Sea Scouts£300
April 2018Warspite Sea Scouts£500
 1st Surbiton Scouts£700
December 2018Runnymede Scouts£523
 Richmond District Scouts£500
 1st Stanwell Scouts£500
April 2019Girl Guiding Paxmead£500
November 20191st Stanwell Scouts£816
January 20201st Stanwell Scouts£353
March 2020Dittons District Rangers£450
 1st Byfield Scouts£300
May 20201st Molesey Scouts£500