Chairman's Log December 2019

In early September, the Club suffered a huge but not entirely unexpected loss when Linda Grundy finally lost her long and relentless battle against a progressive blood disorder. Along with her husband Max, Linda had been a leading light in the TSCC since the early days. Jackie and I had been close friends with both of them for over 35 years so the loss of Linda has left a considerable void in both our lives. Indeed, it was Linda and Max who introduced us to the Club. As a couple they were inseparable so for Max the loss is intense but we are sure that in the fullness of time he will find the strength to pick up the pieces and continue enjoying life as Linda would most certainly have wished. Later in this newsletter there is a personal appreciation by Linda’s close friend Rosie Sowter. The photo opposite shows the four of us enjoying a crisp December day in the not so distant past.

In last year’s photographic competition, my entry was for some reason judged the winner. In my November Chairman’s Log I wrote about Ray Andrews, after whom the competition is named. There were just a handful of photos submitted and most likely that is why I won. I said that in 2019 I hoped we could do justice to Ray’s memory with a bumper crop of entries. There is good news and bad news.

The good news is that this year we had 15 entries, apparently an all-time record. The framed photos were all displayed at our immensely successful Club Annual Dinner and the winner was determined via a referendum (very popular at the moment!!!). 

The bad news is that by some fluke my photo won again! Fortunately, my embarrassment is lessened by the fact that the Simpson family name appears on the trophy rather more frequently than my own! Next year it would be great if we could manage to beat this year’s record entry. Apparently, as winner I get to choose the topic for next year’s competition. The topic I have chosen is “Watery Wonders” and it’s never too soon to start your snapping!  Fingers crossed that next year the trophy goes home with a different lucky winner!

Whilst not a member of the Club, many of you will have met Daniel Churchill at various events he has attended. Tragically and quite unexpectedly, Daniel suddenly passed away at the beginning of October. Our thoughts go out to Jacquie and to Ray at this time of great family sadness.

It’s been another action packed year with our most recent major highlight a FABulous (geddit?) trip to Liverpool, home of the Beatles and much more. As one astonished member commented on the journey home, “There’s so much to see we will have to go again”. Read more about our Liverpool adventures later in this newsletter.

Our final event of the year will be an afternoon of pre-Christmas festivities at Ajax. By the time you read this newsletter it will all be done and dusted and we will be focussed firmly on our own Christmas celebrations just around the corner.

With this in mind, may I wish you a joyous Christmas and a happy, healthy 2020. With thanks as ever to our outstanding Committee, Jackie and I look forward to another year of fun and friendship with all our fantastic friends at this amazing Club.

Mark Marriott