Chairman’s Log April 2021

The crocus of hope is poking through the frost – So says our colourful leader and fingers crossed that he is right! In my last Chairman’s Log I expressed the hope and expectation that we would be able to resume face-to-face Club activities by the end of May. Assuming there are no major ‘bumps in the road’, it seems I was half right – which is of course much better than being half wrong! 

If all goes well, outdoor group gatherings will be permitted from Monday 17th May. Accordingly, we have added to our programme a Post Lockdown Reunion Picnic and this is scheduled for Tuesday 25th May. The venue will again be Runnymede since we know that this works well. Jackie has volunteered to bake a cake and by the middle of May every member should have received their second jab so, with continued social distancing, we should all be able to enjoy a wonderful reunion in a safe and relaxing environment.

However, our Fitting Out Lunch is not now possible as previously scheduled since the limits on indoor social contact will not be removed before Monday 21st June. Not wanting to end up with too many events too close together we have therefore reluctantly decided to cancel this event. We have also put back the Bath and Bristol Getaway by one week and this will now take place from Monday 28th to Wednesday 30th June. We will shortly circulate an updated flyer so that everyone can reserve their places for the fun getaway that so many members have been looking forward to for such a long time. 

Come 12th July, our active boating members will be getting underway for the annual TSCC Thames Cruise. Despite current EA restricted working, we believe we have managed to secure the necessary moorings and that is great news. And, during the Cruise, we plan to organise a couple of events that will be open to every member of the Club. On the Tuesday evening there will be a barbeque at Cookham Lock and on the Thursday, in conjunction with our annual games afternoon, we will be organising an afternoon tea at Hurley. Members wishing to participate in one or both of these events might wish to stay overnight in Cookham or in Hurley.

The other big event of the year is our Canal du Midi Cruise at the end of September. We are keeping our worn-out fingers crossed that, by then, European travel will be largely back to normal.

As of 6th March, over 22 million Covid vaccinations have already been administered and, by the time we set off for our Bath and Bristol Getaway, a good month will have elapsed since pretty much every member of the Club received their second jab. This should mean we can come together with safety and with confidence. At last, we can start to get our lives back on track and once again enjoy the many things that have been difficult or impossible since early last year.

Although inevitably there will be further bumps in the road, here’s to fun times ahead as we adapt to the ‘new normality’.